Jollymoto Gilerra Runner & Typhoon 180

Product code: JM0811-A

Product information

JM0811 Mild steel body with a single silencer.
Silencer choice of Alloy & Black Carbon Fiber & Green Carbon Kevlar.

Designed by Jollymoto for the Gilera 180cc. This exhaust is simply extremely powerful especially in the high rpm range. Fine tuned by Anotnio Amighetti with many hours work on the dyno. The exhaust is 100% hand made and will get the maximum power from your cylinder.

Full system comes with full fitting kit.

JM0811 Comes with silencer connector in one piece with the body.

Gilera Typhoon and TPH-X / -XR 180

Will fit all models listed below

This exhaust weighs only 1.5KG, it's much lighter than stock system.

Hand made product by the Jollymoto team of experienced fabricators here in the Czech Republic.

Jollymoto 180 exhaust fits:

APRILIA SR 125 2T AC '99-
APRILIA SR 150 2T AC '99-
GILERA Runner FX DD 125 ZAPM07 2T LC '97-'03
GILERA Runner FX DT 125 ZAPM07 2T LC '97-'99
GILERA Runner FXR DD 180 ZAPM08 2T LC '97-'03
GILERA Runner FXR DT 180 ZAPM0800 2T LC '97-'99
GILERA TPH-X/ -XR 125 ZAPM02 2T AC '99-'00
GILERA Typhoon / Typhoon X 125 ZAPM02 2T AC '95-'98
ITALJET Dragster 125 2T LC -
ITALJET Dragster 180 2T LC -
PIAGGIO SKR / Skipper 125 CSM1T00 2T AC '94-'97
PIAGGIO SKR / Skipper 125 ZAPM12000 2T AC '98-'00
PIAGGIO SKR / Skipper LX 150 ZAPM1300 2T AC '98-'99
PIAGGIO SKR 150 CVM1T 2T AC '94-'97
PIAGGIO TPH-X/ -XR 125 ZAPM02 2T AC '95-'03

Technical specifications

Product Code JM0811-A
Weight 12kg