About JL Exhausts

Jim Lomas started exhaust manufacture in 1979 at Wymondam, Norfolk, Great Britain.

Our first products were for racing Yamaha TZ250 and TZ350. In the early 80s, many top British racing teams used JL products including Padgetts, Zip Karts and Steve Webster.

In 1988, we had our first season supplying exhausts for Superkart racing; in this first season we achieved 1st and 2nd places in the British 250 Superkart Championships. From 1989 to 1992, our exhausts were used to win every major Superkart 250 Championship around the world including Great Britain, Sweden, South Africa, Australia, Europe and World Championships.

Since our first exhausts, made nearly 40 years ago, we have produced exhausts for road racing including Moto GP, Moto Cross, Karts, Quads, Sidecars, Scooters and Jet Ski.

Today we manufacture a large range of 2 stroke motorcycle and scooter exhausts made at our factory in the Czech Republic, where we moved to in 1993.

At JL Exhausts we pride ourselves in producing top quality products for a competitive price with unmatched service and guarantee. All our exhausts are 100% Hnadmade with top quality materials. 

In 2015 Jim's son Oliver took over the company and is continuing in the family legacy and pushing for the future of two stoke motorcycles.

Jim Lomas & Oliver Lomas
Founder & Managing Director of JL exhausts


About Jollymoto

Jollymoto is a craft company, founded in 1978, by Antonio «Tony» Amighetti and his wife Giuditta Rinaldi.

In 2020 the Founders of Jollymoto decided to sell the company and start a new chapter of their lives. Moto Legend ltd. owned by the Lomas family knew they could not let such an important and famous two stroke brand end and bought out the Jollymoto company.

Jollymoto has been moved to the JL Factory where it is now manufactured by the Moto legend staff. The Jollymoto exhausts are still made on the same machinery, tools and the same Italian material and we are happy to be able to continue in the Legacy of the Amighetti Family.

The first Jollymoto product saw the light of day back in 1980: this was a set of three-in-one exhausts, complete with silencer for the Suzuki Gt380. Right from the first models, the special characteristics of Jollymoto products were highly evident: refined finishes, painstaking, manual working processes and logically increases in performance that made the customers especially happy. With the past of a fairly good rider in enduro races, and a logical passion for races, the step from products for standard production bikes to exhausts especially studied for racing was a short one.in fact, the first official collaboration began in ‘81 with the Alpilatte Team. Evolution also continued in products for “normal” customers wih the introduction of exhausts for the Yamaha TZ 2 50. These exhausts enjoyed the same success of those of the company’s previous model.
Next working relation, with participation in the world 500 cc championship, began with Peppino Pattoni, the famous technician and creator of his own bikes. As well as this, participation in the european 250 cc Championship began with Giuseppe Migliorini in 1984 with very encouraging results.
In the 1986 Jollymoto’s most famous products was introduced to the market: the exhaust set for the well-known Yamaha RD 500LC. Still in production, this model has always enjoyed enormous appreciation by road and track users because of the great fun this bike offers. In the two year period 1984/85, products for the karting world we added to those for bikes.

During the same years, the company began to expand abroad with its first ventures into the American and Canadian markets (1986).
In these years, the catalogue was enriched with various models for smaller bikes (125 cc) and for motocross bikes. The first important successes came precisely here in the off-road arena.
In 1986, Gianmarco Rossi came second in the italian championship on a TM80 cc. and then won the european title the next year again in the 80 cc class. This was then followed by the victories of Davide Trolli in the European 125 cc championship of 1987 and the World Championship in the same year. The following year also saw official collaboration with team Italia which employed benelli bikes. The same year, massimo manzo took part in the World Notocross Championship - 125 cc class.

Today, Jollymoto is a well-known company in the sector especially outside Italy, with strong markets in europe and the united states. it has maintained its fanciful craft tradition and continues to produce its own exhausts with the same care as 20 years ago, but with the contribution of new technologies permitting still higher quality control.
Our constantly expanding range of products, represents our desire to grow, without giving up the quality level that has always been our hallmark.

Antonio ''Tony'' Amighetti (Left) & James ''Jim'' Lomas (Right)